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'I’m not afraid of the uncomfortable conversations. As a 10 year old child I was sitting in a chicken shop, eating my wings and chips when a man got into an in-depth conversation with me about Islam and Christianity. As a child of course the first thing I said was I don’t talk to strangers, but pretty quickly got thrown into an uncomfortable conversation about identity and heritage and how a child with a “Muslim name” came to be wearing a crucifix round his neck. 

Fast forward 17 years, a Cambridge degree in Theology and hundreds of speeches and workshops across numerous countries challenging ideas, assumptions and behaviours in the world, I’m here because I believe in sitting through discomfort to really challenge inequality. 

'What I hope you’ll find here, is a flavour of what I do, and can deliver, as a facilitator podcaster and host, I truly believe in the power of ones voice to shed light on a new perspective and engage in challenging conversations in an experiential way.' - Bilal.  

I've worked with...


...and many more.

Here's what they said:

I cannot tell you, how incredibly thankful we are that you MC-ed this year's Pioneers! 

It was an absolute pleasure having you with us as you took the event to the next level! You are such a wonderful moderator and facilitator, it's a pleasure to work with you!  

— Réka R. Artner, Program Director, Pioneers

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