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About me.

When I'm not found listening to UK Garage Music and eating fried plantain, I'm often centre stage hosting or facilitating groups.

My background in Youth Engagement and workshop design has allowed me to design and deliver hundreds of speeches and workshops in schools and youth settings across the country on behalf of partners such as KPMG, Virgin Atlantic, Boots and Barclays.

For change to happen, I believe we must begin to challenge our own assumptions and as someone who's no stranger to conversation, I'm curious about creating the experiential spaces for that to happen

Subsequently, I've moved into delivering workshops and training sessions with adults across the UK and internationally and work through embracing discomfort as a tool for allowing growth.

Notable engagements.

Radio: talkRADIO, BBC Radio 4, Reprezent, BBC World Service

Articles: 'My name’s Bilal, please don’t call me Billy', 'I’m a mixed-race Cambridge Grad & I agree with Toby Young', 'Can you identify as both mixed-race and black? Sathnam Sangera', 'Blog'.

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