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Diversity & Inclusion. 

Through an experiential approach that believes in engaging with discomfort, I’m available to facilitate bespoke workshops for staff teams in order to develop meaningful action points and raise awareness on the conversation around diversity and inclusion within the workplace. These sessions specifically cover: identity, privilege, microaggressions & allyship and for further details, be sure to contact me

Schools & Youth Groups. 

Having worked for several years designing leadership and team building programmes for hundreds of schools and youth groups across the UK and beyond, I am also available for bespoke sessions with groups.


What are they?

A highly popular evening of meeting new people, exploring the topic of identity and an event where you get to speak rather than be spoken to, welcome to #IdentityChats. 

Through facilitated discussion, you're invited to explore the topic of your own identity, learn from other's experiences and also make some new friends in the process. 

#IdentityChats for corporate clients.

Through facilitated conversation, this session can fit as part of your Diversity & Inclusion programme. Your staff will be able to explore key questions around their own identities. what are the aspects of themselves that they feel comfortable about and how can they maximise this in the workplace? How can we create more inclusive work spaces where people are encouraged to bring their full selves? What does privilege mean? What is a microaggression?

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